Return to Freedom
Cathy Simone ©Cathy Simone’s photography celebrates the essence of the horse, the energy and character of these majestic beings, and the spirit within.

Born and raised in Calgary, Simone’s passion for the equine began at a very early age, caring for her own horses stabled and safe yet free to roam acres of beautiful land at the Buckhorn and J.O. Ranches in southern Alberta. The summers of her youth are fondly remembered, sharing time with family and those who embraced ranch life with commitment, dedication and respect. As time passed, things changed- the ranches were sold, the horses relocated and the cowboys moved on. Now a young adult, Simone embarked in the adventure of study at the Alberta College of Art + Design. Her passion became the camera and the balance of light and shadow. A traditional education of film, chemistry and darkroom developed diligence and patience of practice and respect for the art of photography. Transition is inevitable, and darkroom became digital in profession and education. With dedication and commitment, Simone embraced this challenge, grateful for the experience of both mediums and inspired to creatively incorporate the tangible aesthetic of film within modern photography.

Simone’s visual expression focuses on the essence of the horse within organic environment photographed in natural light without fence, barrier or restraint. Her ambition is to capture spirit within lens, commemorate the quality and craftsmanship of photography’s unique aesthetic, and create powerful poetic narratives representing eternal nature.

Unbridled embodies a journey of passion, respect, dedication, determination, and profound inspiration.

Personality can be editorialized within a still image. Character, more difficult to render. Emotion is by far the most challenging to portray for it cannot be replicated with any medium except memory, and the unity of self, sense and spirit.

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